corporate social responsibility

Social Value is embedded in all of our activities

We centre our social value contribution and activities around four key pillars




Diversity & Inclusion

Our primary role as a business is to deliver a return on investment. Making money and acting commercially is something pt people must do and is part of their responsibility to the company and every member of the team belonging to it. However, we at pt believe passionately that there is another individual and corporate responsibility and that is ‘to be good citizens. This is about integrity, honesty, professionalism and acting always in the public interest. It is also about putting as much back into the communities in which we are privileged to live and work as possible as a company and as its members. Employees know that their company will provide an open door of support for their good work in the community. From grassroots football to business mentoring and CV clinics we get involved wherever we can within the communities that we work and live.

We adopted Salford Foundation Trust (SFT) as our main charity a few years ago because its objectives are aligned very much with one of our aspirations of allowing everyone to reach their ambitions and aspirations. The Trust is a grant-giving charity that helps children and young people between the ages of 5 - 25 years old living in Salford to develop their hobbies, skills and talents but who are otherwise prevented because of limited family income and circumstances. We provide free office space and business services to the Trust allowing them to have minimal overhead and running costs so that more of their resources can be used to help children in our local community

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improved document searching with lifespan housing

As we continue to refresh Lifespan Housing, we are making improvements to the User Interface. The latest update completed is the Document Search function.

The Lifespan Energy Module

The Lifespan Energy Module provides a centralised platform for the user to view all their energy data held against each property.

BAFE SP205 Accreditation

Having delivered Fire Risk Assessments for many years, we are pleased to have added the BAFE SP205 accreditation to our portfolio.

sava & homelife

Sava - the leaders in calculation, analysis and improvement planning software for housing, has partnered with Homelife - the leading retrofit software delivery system, to provide a fully integrated solution to manage PAS2035 projects from strategy through to completion.