Large Stock Condition Surveys

Having carried out more than a million large-scale stock condition and property assets surveys, Property Tectonics is clearly a market leader.

Large scale stock condition surveys

In the course of this work, we believe we have built one of the best multi-disciplinary teams available in the UK. Whilst this work requires experienced and qualified building surveyors and managers, the strength of our team is enhanced by our proprietary Asset Management and Compliance software, Lifespan Housing.

We developed the solution to address a gap in the property management market and built a strong team of developers, data analysts and computer applications professionals. We have successfully completed a huge volume and wide variety of surveys, keeping up to date with changes as the information requirements of government, agencies and customers has evolved over the years. 

Having carried out more than a million large-scale stock condition and property assets surveys for well over 200 customers - including A2Dominion Housing Group, Hexagon Housing, Valleys to Coast Housing, Impact Housing, Six Town Housing, Family Housing, Arawak Walton Housing, Affinity Sutton, Taff Housing, Brighter Futures and many, many others - Property Tectonics is clearly a market leader.

By utilising the Lifespan Mobile app, which is available on apple iOS and Android platforms, surveyors are able to complete their surveys efficiently. The Lfespan Mobile app is a native app that allows for data collected to be saved and uploaded later if the surveyor has no connection or if they have a 4G-enabled tablet to upload them whilst on site.  


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comprehensive retrofit services & software aligned with PAS 2035 assessment

In the wake of increasing environmental concerns and stringent regulatory standards, the need for sustainable building practices has never been greater. PAS 2035, the process specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings, sets out a robust framework ensuring high-quality retrofit projects.

improved document searching with lifespan housing

As we continue to refresh Lifespan Housing, we are making improvements to the User Interface. The latest update completed is the Document Search function.

The Lifespan Energy Module

The Lifespan Energy Module provides a centralised platform for the user to view all their energy data held against each property.

BAFE SP205 Accreditation

Having delivered Fire Risk Assessments for many years, we are pleased to have added the BAFE SP205 accreditation to our portfolio.