lifespan property performance tool

Lifespan Property Performance Tool (PPT) has been designed to provide Lifespan Housing users with a new and innovative software application to help customers evaluate the performance of their housing stock. Conventional book-keeping assessments are unsuitable for supporting asset management decisions and although most Housing Associations collect a lot of data they do not really evaluate their performance by comparing their output against pre-set targets and benchmarks, particularly in evaluating social return. Lifespan PPT delivers the expertise and so evaluation modelling organisations achieve the various objectives offered by performance measurement within their own asset management. This, in turn, informs both internal and external accountability; it helps to maximise efficiency and deliver financial surpluses in the interest of housing.

an exciting opportunity

By data mining the wealth of existing asset information Lifespan PPT is afforded an exciting opportunity to analyse the data from many different dimensions and angles to categorise and summarise the relationships identified. This, along with additional data, including property valuations and assessments of social return, provides a new opportunity to analyse the data and to find correlations and patterns across a comprehensive database and to identify targets and benchmarks on which to make informed management decisions.

A strength of Lifespan PPT is that it provides a seamless and totally interoperable solution to Lifespan Housing system and therefore allows data, as described above, to form part of any scenario analysis. Cost data relating to major repairs and cyclical maintenance automatically populates any value for money analysis including Net Present Value (NPV) and Yield values etc. Other property attributes and performance data on quality, energy efficiency, Decent Homes etc. informs the analysis to ensure that strategic decisions are comprehensive and focus on the measurement of both financial return and social return or put another way, effectiveness and cost efficiency

Assessment & Analysis

Lifespan PPT provides a multi-dimensional analysis model so that financial and social value analysis can be created based on different and configurable scenarios across any individual property and virtually any multi-property grouping and across the entire portfolio. The outputs from multi-property analysis provide further comparisons and rankings to be made which is extremely important in making strategic asset management decisions. The use of comparison, benchmarking and pre-set targets are the foundation of any performance analysis and in assessing financial and social return in social housing.


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improved document searching with lifespan housing

As we continue to refresh Lifespan Housing, we are making improvements to the User Interface. The latest update completed is the Document Search function.

The Lifespan Energy Module

The Lifespan Energy Module provides a centralised platform for the user to view all their energy data held against each property.

BAFE SP205 Accreditation

Having delivered Fire Risk Assessments for many years, we are pleased to have added the BAFE SP205 accreditation to our portfolio.