architecture design
& project management

We provide architectural design services for housing, health, education and commercial including energy, retail and leisure. The design offer within Property Tectonics dovetails with all our other professional services because design is integral to everything we do.

architecture & design

Our design team can provide architectural design solutions alongside our chartered building surveying services. We have worked on varied projects from small school extensions to large office fit-outs and space utilisation projects.

from the journal

comprehensive retrofit services & software aligned with PAS 2035 assessment

In the wake of increasing environmental concerns and stringent regulatory standards, the need for sustainable building practices has never been greater. PAS 2035, the process specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings, sets out a robust framework ensuring high-quality retrofit projects.

improved document searching with lifespan housing

As we continue to refresh Lifespan Housing, we are making improvements to the User Interface. The latest update completed is the Document Search function.

The Lifespan Energy Module

The Lifespan Energy Module provides a centralised platform for the user to view all their energy data held against each property.

BAFE SP205 Accreditation

Having delivered Fire Risk Assessments for many years, we are pleased to have added the BAFE SP205 accreditation to our portfolio.