homelife for pas 2035  

Homelife is our new end-to-end solution for the delivery of retrofit projects. Truly collaborative involving all stakeholders, including the homeowner, from start to finish of the PAS 2035 process.

homelife - powered by lifespan


How do you manage and deliver multiple measures to multiple properties on your retrofit schemes to ensure they comply with PAS 2035?

We've made it simple:

We have over thirty years of bringing innovation to the built environment. With our knowledge of designing and building surveyor-bred software, we've built our latest software solution specifically for the retrofit market. Truly collaborative across the entire retrofit delivery process from concept to lodgement, we have included everything. It's not a spreadsheet, it's most definitely paperless, and its real-time, beautifully designed UX takes the stress out of coordination and installation under PAS 2035. We are making life much easier for retrofit-coordinators, installers, social housing providers, anyone involved in delivering retrofit schemes.

Homelife is the only complete end-to-end, single-platform solution which manages the retrofit process needed to meet the standard under PAS 2035 and funding. Homelife software is a dynamic, real-time tool, providing a truly collaborative space on a single platform for all PAS 2035 roles, from assessors to coordinators and installers.

Homelife users upload data using our mobile data collection tools and utilise this information for assessment, design, monitoring, lodgement, evaluation and ‘property passports’. Homelife gives the project coordinator visibility of the entire process through dashboard views so they can track, manage and approve each stage of the PAS 2035 process.

Homelife software allows coordinators and installers to manage multiple projects and measures concurrently with complete visibility via dashboard metrics and easy-to-use tools.

At the end of the process, lodged data can be accessed by all stakeholders, including Trustmark and accreditation bodies, with automated lodgement via API.

Homelife is part of the Lifespan family of software solutions developed by property experts for experts and is the only PAS 2035 complete end-to-end solution on the market.

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