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Mobile data collection is where our software journey began. All of our products have Android and iOS compatible apps for survey data, fire risk assessments and government-approved energy engine and lodgement.

Data collection is where property tectonics' software journey all began

The late 1980s saw a government initiative to transfer housing stock from local authorities to newly established housing associations and companies.  These were known as Large Scale Voluntary Transfers (LSVTs) and involved the transfer of the stock of over 250 local authorities. As part of these transfers, major improvement works had to be undertaken; therefore more condition surveys were done. We knew that collecting the survey data on paper for such large-scale surveys would be very time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. We wanted an innovative and efficient solution to collect stock data for our customers, and a means by which to interrogate the data once collected - Lifespan Housing and mobile data collection software was born! Of course, we were a little ahead of mobile technology then, and our mobile application looked a lot different from the smart devices we all have today.

We have compatible mobile applications for all our software products that are fully integrated and real-time with our customers' accounts. Mobile applications are available on Android and iOS platforms.

We also offer APIs at no extra cost to our customers who might have other providers, contractors, etc., using their own on-site mobile software. Either way, we have an innovative, mobile solution to collect data ready for upload in Lifespan Housing be it stock condition survey data, energy data or fire risk assessments.


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Lifespan Water Safety Module. New User Interface views have landed.  

The Lifespan team are continuing to release improved screen layouts and new features to support users in their day-to-day use of Lifespan Housing. The latest module to get a facelift is Water Safety.

lifespan software to move integrated payment tools to stripe

lifespan software will be moving integrated payment tools to the stripe platform which allows credit cards, debit cards, and popular payment methods around the world - all with a single integration.

procurepublic framework: contract administration and project managers

Property Tectonics (pt) are delighted to have been accepted onto the new ProcurePublic framework as Contract Administration and Project Managers

procurepublic framework: building and stock condition surveyors

Property Tectonics are delighted to have been accepted onto the new ProcurePublic framework as Building and Stock Condition Surveyors.