projects - healthcare sector

We continue to work with some of the largest NHS trusts in the UK and we provide expertise in specialist advice and consultancy to the Health Sector. We recognise that estate strategy in the health sector is complex with its own set of unique requirements. We understand these requirements and provide the best advice and professional expertise possible to help manage and improve NHS estates.

We work with a broad spectrum of customers across the private sector from independent retailers through to pub chains and high street banks. We provide a full range of professional services and expertise in the management of property portfolios as well as providing traditional consultancy for health and safety, design, compliance and energy advice.

Retail and Leisure
From large hotel chains and major high street retailers, through to independent retail outlets and leisure facilities, we understand the financial and time pressures in this sector with demanding projects that have to be on schedule and meet the budget. Over 30 years of experience has given us the knowledge and insights of how this sector operates, allowing us to provide full professional expertise in managing property portfolios. Our experience and thorough understanding of the sector also allows us to provide traditional consultancy work in health & safety, design, compliance and energy advice.

Private Sector Projects