energy & sustainability

Energy and sustainability are of course key areas in construction and property management and Property Tectonics has long been a leader in the field with extensive experience in energy efficiency and conservation work.

energy, sustainability & retrofit

Property Tectonics has all the necessary skill sets and software solutions, including government-approved RdSAP energy software set about creating an efficient, high quality and creative approach to delivering a unique service via E.ON to its customers and installers, many of whom were struggling to meet Ofgem and the new PAS 2035 compliance requirements.

The service is in four separate but fully integrated workstreams, namely

• Professional Support, EEM (Energy Efficiency Measures)

• Pre-design surveys

• EEM designs

• Compliance

The fifth dimension which must not be overlooked is the underpinning and integration of Lifespan software which is used throughout the process to improve data collection, storage, file and document management, reporting and analysis. It reduces costs, improves efficiency, delivers accuracy and perhaps most importantly improves working relationships, communication and collaboration across all the stakeholders.

We are helping social housing providers and local councils with Net Carbon Zero Roadmap and strategy advice. The social housing sector is facing the daunting task of meeting net-zero carbon by 2050 but also must achieve a C rating on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) across all homes by 2030. The volume, type, age and current efficiency of the UK’s social housing stock means an enormous retrofit operation will be required to meet these targets. Using our carbon modelling tool Lifespan Carbon in Homes, our sustainability-trained chartered building surveyors, we can help organisations plan for their carbon zero commitments by scenario planning and costings.

Pas 2035
We provide technology and professional services support to utility companies and installers in delivering Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded energy efficiency works under PAS 2035 providing both PAS 2035 Assessor and Coordinator services.

Our processes and software tool, Homelife, deliver the requirements under PAS 2035 aimed at raising the standards, ensuring energy efficiency retrofits adopt a deeper, whole house, measures-based approach and are managed and coordinated effectively from end to end, and risks are managed properly. PAS sets a good quality benchmark in the delivery of retrofit projects. The principles include professional accountability, whole-house assessment, bespoke projects, building airtight but ventilating right, reducing defects and improving quality and adopting the right (fabric first) approach.

• Building Physics 
• Analysis 
• Planning -
• Programming 
• Execution